Factory Sealed Booster Box of Pokemon TCG Sword & Shield Battle Styles.
Produced in 2021 by The Pokemon Company International.
36 Packs per box.
10 cards plus 1 basic energy per pack.

**IMPORTANT CONDITION NOTE :** When we opened the last sealed case of these which we got from our distributor, we discovered that the Pokemon logos are flaking off of the booster boxes.  This is a known issue with some Sword & Shield series.  There is a reddit thread about this which you can find by google searching for "pokemon logo flaking off box".  The boxes we have are genuine and unsearched, but they will not look as clean as the picture, which we took when these were first released.  There are varying degrees of logo flaking depending on the box.

Choose Your Battle Style Wisely!

Be a titan full of power, or strike with impossible speed - it all depends on your martial mastery! Channel the power of Pokémon V like Mimikyu V, Tyranitar V, Empoleon V, and more. You'll also find a handful of impressive Pokémon VMAX, including Gigantamax Urshifu in both Single Strike and Rapid Strike styles! Unleash epic smashups with the Sword & Shield - Battle Styles expansion!

Possible pulls from this series include:
Tyranitar V (Secret rare #155)
Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX (Secret rare #170)
Single Strike Urhsifu VMAX (Secret rare #168)
Houndoom (Secret rare #179)
Phoebe (Secret rare #175)

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Factory Sealed 2021 Pokemon TCG Sword and Shield Battle Styles Booster Box

  • $135.99

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