Unopened 6 Card Pack of 1994 Skybox DC Vertigo Trading Cards.

These are widevision / tall trading size cards which measure 4 7/8 tall by 2 3/4 wide.

Look for randomly inserted Death SkyDisc (approximately 1:180 packs) and Foil-Enhanced Bonus Cards (approximately 1:18 packs).
Features cards and characters from the DC Vertigo series which was intended for Mature Audiences in the 1990s.
By today's standards, the content is relatively tame but at the time these were considered edgy.

Look for characters and cover art from the following series:
- Swamp Thing
- HellBlazer
- The Sandman (New Netflix series coming soon!)
- Shade, the Changing Man
- Animal Man
- Sandman Mystery Theatre
- Black Orchid
- Doom Patrol
- Books of Magic
- Enigma
and many more!

"BRICKING" DISCLAIMER: Vintage boxes of cards from the 1990's sometimes encounter a phenomenon known as "bricking" where the cards stick together inside the packs and become damaged when pulled apart.  We store these in dry climate controlled conditions but we have no idea how they were stored before we got them or if that even causes the problem.  We've opened a box to test and the cards we got were fine, but "bricking" may occur with these boxes.  We have had a few reports of "bricking" out of hundreds of boxes we've sold.  That's a chance you take when you open vintage products. Buyer agrees to assume all risk with regards to possible "bricking".  Hobbies Depot will not refund or replace boxes that experience "bricking".

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Unopened Pack 1994 Skybox DC Vertigo Widevision Tall Trading Cards

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