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Postcard Supplies

Storing and protecting your valuable collectible postcards will keep them looking great for years to come. Whether it's a collection of places you've been, postcards you've received from others, or collectible antique postcards, you'll want to make sure they're protected in acid free, archival safe products that will not yellow them over time. Hobbies Depot stocks sleeves, hard plastic topload holders, album pages, screwdown protectors, and storage boxes that will make sure your collection looks as good 50 years from now as it does today.

It's worth noting that postcards come in various sizes, so please make sure to check the dimensions prior to ordering any holders. Most standard size postcards are 5.875 x 3.75, but they can be as small as 3x5 or as big as 4x6 or even 5x7 in some cases. Checking dimensions prior to ordering is crucial to ensuring you get the right fit for the items you're trying to store.

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